Maybe you’re new to the neighborhood and are looking for some friends, or maybe you’re trying to land new clients, or maybe you’re tired of being single and want to start dating. The key to succeeding in meeting people and maintaining a solid relationship is to be likable. Below are some of the basics of […]

Life happens. Sometimes swift and sharp; other times gradual and painstaking. Turmoil happens in life and can easily sweep you into a current where there isn’t ever a grasp to what you’re enduring, and before you know it you’re in a great deal of suffering. Everyone experiences the hurt in their soul; it can be […]

Individuality is a beautiful thing! Finding yourself, your niches, and your persona is the beauty of growing up.  Everyone has something that makes them different and it’s not uncommon that when seeing someone succeed who is doing something different than you, one feels discouraged. Jumping over the edge of something new is a wondrous difficulty […]

Learn the secret to joy and abundance in life The Law of Attraction states that whatever is like unto itself is drawn. In other words, like attracts like; positive attracts positive; and negative attracts negative. These are thoughts that we’re talking about. Thoughts give off frequencies, like a radio, sending out signals to like minded frequencies. […]

Let’s preface this with me saying that I haven’t garnished tons of awards, yet; and I haven’t gained a ton of followers on my blogs, yet; and I am not a millionaire, yet.  These lack of accomplishments, though, haven’t left me jaded and feeling like a failure. Actually it has made me realize a lot […]