The Smoking Mind

lighted incense

Imagine lighting a stick of incense.  A silver ribbon of smoke cascades from the stem and fills the room with a sweet fragrance as it fades into the ceiling. 

Now imagine lighting a cigarette.  The same thing happens, a strand of smoke rises into the air and fades away.  

But the smell is different.  

It’s not pleasant or sweet.  It stinks and clings to your clothes like a scarlet letter.  

Your thoughts are the same.  Constant and free flowing, they fade from your mind and linger in the air.   

Your thoughts are reflections of who you are. When your thoughts are negative, the smoke stinks and the thought of inhaling its cancerous smoke repels others.

Positive thoughts are sweet and vibrant. They entice everyone nearby who are eager to inhale the “fragrance” you’re emitting.

What kind of “aroma” do your thoughts give off?  

Are you a stick of incense or a cigarette?

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