Crying Out Loud: How Meditation Can Heal a Hurting Soul

man standing while raising his hands at seashore

Life happens.

Sometimes swift and sharp; other times gradual and painstaking. Turmoil happens in life and can easily sweep you into a current where there isn’t ever a grasp to what you’re enduring, and before you know it you’re in a great deal of suffering.

Everyone experiences the hurt in their soul; it can be through hearbreak, being fired, or rejection.

I know I’ve felt it. Work puts the stranglehold on me sometimes and it feels like there is a boiling inside of me that eliminates all focus. It leaves me in the middle of a mental hell with no tether to safety.

painting of man

I hate being a prisoner to this kind of stress. That’s why I started meditating. It minimizes the sporadic frenzy of thoughts, closing the door on them and only allowing your focus to be a sliver until there is only a focus on the breath.

My attention to detail has heightened and my threshold for stress has strengthened. Sometimes i feel unstoppable and cushioned with a stronger mental capability.

The point of this post isn’t to inform as much as it is to let others know that meditation isn’t just a fad but a way of truly bringing peace into a busy world.

So often I talk to friends or even strangers who discuss the chaos of their life and when i mention meditation, it’s always the same response, “no, but i should.”

Yes! Yes you should. I am yelling on top of a mountain to you so you can listen.


It starts with a relaxing environment and a focus on the breath. It’s okay to let the thoughts come and go, but always bring it back to the breath.

That will get you started.

Trust me, it’s like pouring a glass of water over your brain and allowing it to wash away the fog that clouds your mind. You’ll feel refreshed!

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