man showing saxophone

Individuality is a beautiful thing!

Finding yourself, your niches, and your persona is the beauty of growing up.  Everyone has something that makes them different and it’s not uncommon that when seeing someone succeed who is doing something different than you, one feels discouraged.

Jumping over the edge of something new is a wondrous difficulty in our reality and when doing so it is best to allow consistent defeat for yourself before the success.

The age old saying “practice makes perfect” has become so cliche that most hear this and don’t comprehend the importance of such a powerful phrase.

Allowing yourself to learn and fail while doing something perfectly (no cutting corners here), will make you better at being perfect.

Professional athletes know this notion all too well. Being a professional is a separation from the good and the great. More importantly it is a separation from good and the persistent.

Professional athletes are closest to perfect in their profession, and even then there’s a branch of athletes that excel at being the best.

man shooting ball on basketball hoop

It’s because they practice being perfect; and they fail, and they adjust, until they’re perfect.

If you are willing to cut corners to satisfy you in the moment, then you are doing a disservice to yourself as a whole. Cutting corners is just conditioning yourself to be content with your mediocrity.

Practice perfection, even if it is harder or more discouraging, and it will benefit your growth.

Challenge yourself everyday, it’s the best way to show that you love yourself.

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