Beginners Guide to The Law of Attraction

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Learn the secret to joy and abundance in life

The Law of Attraction states that whatever is like unto itself is drawn. In other words, like attracts like; positive attracts positive; and negative attracts negative.

These are thoughts that we’re talking about. Thoughts give off frequencies, like a radio, sending out signals to like minded frequencies.  These frequencies, or vibrations, are then relayed back to you and your life experience.  We’ll call it your point of attraction.  The higher the vibrations, the more powerful the point of attraction is.

This is all in conjunction to the emotions you feel, which is the strongest point of attraction.  When thinking thoughts about what you want or what you don’t want, you’ll start to feel in accordance to those thoughts.  

The Law of Attraction is an older concept that has been revitalized in recent years by publishers and speakers in the mainstream, due in large part by Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret,” which talks about the many accessibilities the law of attraction has on your life.  It also glamorizes the concept as a way of attaining anything you want simply by thinking it.  

The same idea comes from other books. Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of successful leaders and business moguls, and took what they had to say about their secrets to success and found a pattern in all of them. What you focus on and what you build a passion for will manifest itself to be. He then wrote about it in his widely known book “Think and Grow Rich,” which is 80 years old and still relevant to this day.

I know this sounds like new age bologna, but please refrain from the eye roll and hear me out. If you strip the glamor and glitz of the law of attraction, and look at the concept in its most bare form, it is a grand notion and illustrates an ideal way of living life.  It is a way of directing your thoughts to the things that really make you happy and grateful and increases the vibrations of joy in your life.  It is lifting a dark veil over the things that you want and covering the unnecessary things that can cause unhappiness in your life.  I mean, who doesn’t like to be happy?

The steps to the law of attraction are as followed:

1.) Decide what it is you want to manifest and bring forth into your life experience.

2.) Make your intent known to yourself and to the universe.  Why is it you want this?  How does it make you happy?

3.) Expect the outcome, no matter what.

4.) Allow your desire into your life.

5.) Receive it.

Now let’s break these down into a larger scale.

Choose your desire

I use the word desire because that’s what it needs to be to attain. Anybody can want anything, but when it borders obsession and you’ve decided that you don’t just want it, but you can see yourself with it, then it becomes a desire. That desire will be built once applied with all the other steps.

Have intent

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Sharp focus and clarity.

That is what is needed to allow for this glorious concept to work. Focus and clarity on why it is you want to attain it. No need to focus on how or when, but why you want it. This amplifies your emotions toward the desire. As mentioned before, your emotions are the attraction point for your desire. When made clear to yourself and the universe why you want what it is you want, then it unmasks the want into a desire or passion.

For example, money is a desire that most of us have, right? Who wouldn’t want more cash? So we ask for more money. But why? What is our intent? Perhaps we could use the money to help travel more? Maybe more money pays off your student loans? Or maybe your intent is financial freedom for all the above?

Make it clear to yourself and to the universe what your intent with the desire is and it will launch the desire full force into the universe.

A mistake often made from beginners is the focus of lack. As with the money example, it’s okay to ask for money, but the focus of wanting money out of your frustration of not having it is just a focus on what you don’t have. According to the law of attraction, you will continue not to have it.

Remember, your strongest point of attraction is your emotion.

Believe in the arrival

You’ve thought about your want and turned it into a desire. You’re clear on why you want it.

Call it faith, or belief, but this process is essential. You must believe that your desire is now manifesting itself into your life experience and is being prepared and offered to you. Know it, believe it, and expect it.

A guarantee way to propel your belief is visualization. Take ten minutes out of your day to sit, close your eyes and think about your desire. Visualize yourself using what you want, or going to where you want.

If it’s a new car you want, visualize the steering wheel in your grasp, or the leather seats flexing as you shift your body. Imagine that new car smell and the sound of the engine humming as you smoothly shift lanes.

Or if you want to go to Paris, visualize the view from the skyline as music from the local bistro lingers in the background.

Enjoy this exercise. Fall in love with your desire. Feel the buzzing of excitement in you when you think of it? That’s your point of attraction firing on all cylinders.

Affirmations are another great and powerful tool. They’re phrases or words that you repeat to raise your vibrations and affirm to yourself your belief, making you confident in your desire. An example of an affirmation is, “I am happy and grateful in the direction my life is going. I deserve the abundance of joy that is being drawn to me.”

Try this and make it a daily habit. This is especially helpful in the morning when first waking up. It allows your mind to start on a fresh and positive note.

Allow room for the universe and be grateful

This step is getting out of the way of the universe and allowing it to come to you. You expect it now make room for it. If you want that new car then clean your garage and make room for it. Or gear up with a new passport for your trip to Paris.

The universe may speak to you in many ways or nudge you in a certain direction to get your desire. Don’t just sit around and think it’s going to just come to you. Be in tune to what is going on around you and what the universe is telling you. It may be prompting you to take action and move you forward to your desire.

Now you’re growing excited. Can you see yourself with that new car or can you feel that wad of cash between your fingers? Great!

person holding fan of U.S. dollars banknote

Now act as if you have ALREADY received your desire.

Shed your doubts, and be calm in knowing that you have already received it. If you want to be rich, then why act poor? Shed that mindframe! If you want to be happy, why act unhappy? If you want to be in a relationship then prepare for a date. Get a haircut and new outfit and prepare for it as if it’s already in motion, because it is.

Always be grateful. Showing thanks for the things around you, even the smallest things, will send off positive frequencies that the universe, according to law, will send back to you.


No doubts, no worries, and pure joy. Now it’s time to receive it.

Oh joyous universe! Thank you!

man wearing red long-sleeved shirt standing beside wall

Feeling great is what this is about

Here’s the deal, your purpose in life is to feel good. Live through joy. When you’re happy and are thinking happy thoughts, it feels good. When you’re mad at your job and thinking about quitting any moment, it feels bad. These are the clearest indicators that your thoughts are controlling your mood and vibrations. Be aware, take a deep breath (in and out) and change your frequency. Remember, it’s like a radio so try and get away from the static, and find a station that is clear on what you want.

Happy living!

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