The Success Mantra

Let’s preface this with me saying that I haven’t garnished tons of awards, yet; and I haven’t gained a ton of followers on my blogs, yet; and I am not a millionaire, yet.  These lack of accomplishments, though, haven’t left me jaded and feeling like a failure.

Actually it has made me realize a lot of the other small successes I’ve gained in my life and to understand gratitude better.  And doing that has strengthened relationships around me.

I am learning that the first step to searching yourself and becoming successful is to recognize the definition of success and stomp out the false societal expectations of what it means to be successful.

A little more than a year ago, I got promoted at work and became a manager of the restaurant I was a server at, placing me in my first leadership position. Taking this newfound role very seriously, I plunged myself into a pool of knowledge, searching for my strengths and weaknesses, yearning to be the best at this role that I could be.  To me, I wasn’t just a manager; I was a teacher, a coach, a counselor, a leader, and most importantly, I wanted to do all of this with integrity and class.  I wanted to be the best.

This wasn’t just my job, it was a reflection of me.

I devoured books and autobiographies with hungry ferocity and in these books of successful people, I noticed a way of thinking in all of them that gave me an “a ha” moment, and it’s now what I am sharing with the internet.

And in my own words, the secret to success, is to be calm in your success.

Decide what you want, what your dream is.  Make a plan on how you will achieve it.  Execute the plan.

And be calm that you will receive it.  It’s this calmness that prevents self loathing, depression, stress, and the fear of rejection.

The fear of failure can be crippling, sending you in this anxiety stemmed whirlwind of doubt and hate which prevents you from achieving your goals.  Be calm in your success, be calm that no matter how many no’s you get, you will receive that yes.


Know that you will receive what it is you want.  You must be absolutely sure of it.  Being calm in your success releases any doubt and assures you that even if this moment you are in is difficult, it will pass, and the light will be shed and you will reach your goal.  Define your goal, want it badly, seriously, obsess over it.  And know you will receive it.

I am in the process of staying calm.  I have dedicated myself in sharing my journey of success in hopes others will hear me and conquer their doubts as well.

Next time you are stressed, take a moment and a deep breath and tell yourself slowly to be calm in your success.  It’s working wonders for me.


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